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What is a giclée print?

Which is the best file format to store my work?

What are the dimensions of the papers?

How do I store my paper?

How do I copyright my work when high resolution reproductions can be achieved today using scanners?

Why does the colours on my monitor not look the same as those on the reproduction?

Do I have to calibrate specific settings on the printer prior to printing? When do I use a profile?

Why use an ICC profile?

What to do when paper curls?

Which grammages can conventional printers work with?

Does Hahnemühle recommend any specific printer?

Why use Hahnemühle papers?

Is the paper available as a roll?

What is the difference between a calendered, matte, rough, extra rough and torchon surface?

Which watercolour paper is the correct one?

What is the difference between mould-made watercolour paper and akademie watercolour paper?

Are all Hahnemühle papers acid free?

What is Sizing?

What are the dimensions of the paper sizes?