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Sugar Cane Watercolour

Grammage gsm

£14.40 per unit


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Sugar Cane Watercolour
The Hahnemühle Sugar Cane watercolour paper is the latest addition to the Hahnemühle Natural Line. The 290 gsm paper is made from 70% fast-growing sugar cane fibres, so-called bagasse, a by-product of sugar extraction. With 70% sugar cane and 30% cotton, the natural white, warm-toned watercolour paper combines the strength of sugar cane fibres and the softness of cotton. These fibres are also plantbased residues from the textile industry. The paper with its cold pressed surface structure has a wonderful velvety feel. It can be excellently worked with watercolour, gouache and all wet-on-wet techniques. Colours shine brilliantly and velvety. The natural fibres of the sugar cane give the paper a high stability and tear resistance, so that the paper can absorb large amounts of water and colours without the fibres standing up or the paper curling badly. Colours can be easily dissolved on the surface and glazed again. The paper masters colour gradients and effects, such as salt or water drops, but also thin lines and accents with fineliners.

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