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Linen Album - Cover Set


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Linen Album - Cover Set

Capture your most beautiful pictures and memories with the Hahnemühle FineArt Inkjet linen album. Whether for wedding photos, family portraits or the personal photographer's portfolio, our FineArt inkjet photo album can be used in a variety of ways thanks to its stylish and state-of-the art design.

The Hahnemühle photo album features a high-quality linen cover and has been quality-manufactured in Germany with great attention to detail. Linen is a natural fibre whose properties make the photo album wear-resistant, dirt-repellent, and long-lasting. To protect the prints, the cover set comes with front and back paper and 2 sheets of interleaf paper. The linen album is bound with two screws and allows a variable expansion of up to 40 fine art prints. The cover set comes fully equipped and ready-to-use with a set of Hahnemühle gloves and a special Hahnemühle multitool to allow for easy set-up and presentation. This multitool includes magnetic screwdriver bits to easy handling the containing screws as well as a lamp equipped with three battery button cells (alkaline manganese cells). 

The cover set is available in two neutral colours – black and light sand grey. You can choose from three different formats: DIN A4 landscape, DIN A3 landscape, and 12"x12" square. All formats and colours can be freely combined with four different paper qualities for printing the album content pages. Thereby, you can create your own individual and long-lasting photo album.

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27 November 2023 13:00

Wer Hahnemühle Papier mag, wird das Album lieben. Ein gutes "add value" Produkt für Hochzeits- Porträt oder Family-Fotografen

Ich nutze seit Jahren das digitale Papier von Hahnemühle für meine klein- und großformatigen Kunden-Drucke. Es gibt nichts besseres! Das Album biete ich meinen Kunden als fertig geprintetes Fotobuch an. Kommt als wertvolles Album zur Dokumentation einer Hochzeit, die ich begleite, großartig an. Es sind verschiedene Albencover und Papiere erhältlich und man druckt entweder selbst oder lässt drucken. Ich glaube, Hahnemühle empfielt auf der Webseite und in der App zertifizierte Druckstudios.

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