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Hahnemühle Calendar 2024 "Faith"


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Hahnemühle Calendar 2024 "Faith"
Start the year full of confidence and trust with the Hahnemühle Calendar 2024 "Faith". Colourful, hopeful, but also with a sense of thought, the calendar motifs guide us through the year. For example, there are hands - sometimes holding, receiving, and giving. They are a strong motif that takes on very a different meaning when depicted in different ways. Or faith in oneself, the confidence of a friend is pictorially captured as well as motifs that can move mountains, grow beyond fears, or make the impossible come true. Look forward to a year full of changing colourful motifs and different artistic representations.

The Hahnemühle Calendar 2024 is a high-quality Christmas gift with 13 motifs by international artists, which is something very special thanks to its size and high-quality picture printing on fine Hahnemühle paper.

To find out more about the Hahnemühle Annual Painting Competition please click here

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